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How to Plan a Horrible Vacation


Five easy, foolproof steps to planning a horrible vacation:

  1. Have your husband hurt his back right before you leave.  This makes it impossible for him to help with the kids and packing the bagillion things you’re cramming into your SUV/minivan.  Bonus points if you hurt yourself lugging the tons of kid toys and clothes they won’t even wear.
  2. Have your child get sick as soon as you get there.  This ensures that there will be no sleep or fun had, and you will get quite the upper body workout since you are the only person that can hold your child (see #1).
  3. Make sure the forecast says you’re going to have gorgeous weather.  This guarantees that it will rain, and if you’re planning a beach vacation, it will be so hot you could roast a turkey on the deck of your beach house.
  4. Go to all of your favorite restaurants; the ones that have those amazing fries or that delicious pizza that you’ve been dreaming of since you planned this vacation.  Not only will the food be a disappointment, but half the places you love will be closed because it’s the week after a holiday.
  5. Give up, make a doctor’s appointment, and go home, because your child is still sick after 3 days of shushing, rocking, and crying (both you and your little one).  This will guarantee that the minute they get home they will act and feel better.

The thing is, no one goes into a vacation hoping for the worst.  You don’t plan for the sick child, crappy weather, bad food, or injured spouse.  But in reality, this stuff happens.  In fact, I doubt there are any perfect vacations out there.  Something always goes wrong, and I think it’s how you deal with it, and what you choose to focus on and remember, that makes it a great vacation.

We spent the past few days at my parents’ house at the Jersey shore and ended up coming home last night, because our son was inconsolable for about 3 days straight.  He ended up sleeping through the night and when he woke up this morning, he was about 90% back to is old, smiling, happy self.  Did he just miss being home?  Was he really sick that whole time?  Was he just teething (with no teeth in sight I might add)?  Who knows.  

I’m not going to lie; I was pissed off that we had to come all the way home just when the weather was making a turn for the better to go to a doctor’s appointment, but then I saw this article my friend posted and decided to focus on the memories that we can share with our little guy when he’s older.

This week we walked down to the beach and played in the ocean.  I’m still kicking myself for not getting a picture of how much he loved the water.  I sat down in the sand, and put my son on my leg, letting his little feet dangle into the water.  He loved it.  He smiled from ear to ear, laughed, and kicked his chubby legs as the waves carried the water back and forth.


We went to the zoo for the first time and saw so many animals; goats, eagles, cows, monkeys, leopards, giraffes, zebras, and birds.  We also saw so many trees.  Bubba loves to look at trees.  I think he liked them more than the animals!






Robert Zoo

We took early morning runs and watched the sun peak up over the horizon.  Bubba got to nap and mommy got some much needed time to herself.  He would be awake for the first half of the run, just enough to get down to the beach and see the sand and first glimpses of light, and then he’d sleep.  Mommy was grateful.


Sunrise 1

We snuggled for hours in between those bouts of crying and tears.  All Bubba’s wanted to do lately is go, go, go.  He’s been trying to crawl, sitting up like a big boy, and is always bouncing and jumping in our arms.  It was nice to have that closeness again that I miss so much from that newborn stage.

We went for walks on the boardwalk where we watched people walk, run, and bike.  We saw rides and heard music.  We saw the Tram Cars and ate pizza (crust) and napped.


Sams Pizza


We spent time with Aunt K, Grandmom K, Pop B, Great Grandpop B, and Great Grandmom R.  We played with the dogs and watched cars drive by the house.  

We went out to breakfast and to the store.  We sang songs, played, and ate some new foods.  Pears, peas, and guacamole.


Those are the things that make a vacation great.  Even though our vacation didn’t go as planned, it was still so full of memories.

Have you ever had a vacation go horribly wrong?  Share your story.


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