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Product Review: Taste Guru Monthly Box #1

While browsing for Christmas gift ideas, I came across a deal on Gilt for a 3-month subscription to Taste Guru for $39. Taste Guru specializes in providing monthly boxes of gluten free food from all over the world right to your door. I figured this was a no brainier, because I’m always looking for fast, gluten free snacks and if I don’t have to change out of my PJ’s to get them it’s even better.

My first box arrived in mid-December and had 8 different goodies in it. Sorry in advance for the blurry iPhone picture. To be honest, I was a little disappointed with the size of the items in the first box and I thought the variety was a little meh. Very carb-heavy.


Oh, and just pretend that this guy is in the picture of the box above. I got a little grab happy and took these to work before I remembered to snap a picture.


The box also included a recipe for the pancake mix, some additional info on the products, and some coupons. I had two favorites in the box: the Good Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Tortilla chips and Fiona’s Cranberry Flax Granola. The chips were awesome, and even though there wasn’t a coupon for these, I ended up buying a full sized bag the same week. I may or may not have devoured the whole thing before Mr. B got to try them. The granola is just awesome and it’s great over yogurt, which has become a favorite snack of mine lately. Plus, the bag of granola is huge compared to the sample sizes of the other products.

The two snack bars were both horrible. The apple bar reminded me of some kind of paste and the blueberry bar had a gross texture and tasted like cardboard. Not a fan of either. I made the Oven Baked Organics pancakes the other night and while they cooked up nice and fluffy they were a bit dry and the texture was a little grainy. I’ve had this these Mediterranean Snacks lentil chips before (the Cracked Pepper flavor), but didn’t really care of the Parmesan Garlic flavor. The Parmesan flavor could have been a little stronger, and there was too much flavoring powder on the chips. It literally got everywhere, and of course I was wearing black that day.

I tried the tea the other day, and I was worried that the mint would be overwhelming, but it was just the right amount and had a decent flavor. I also liked that it was caffeine free and the tea was loose in one of those cool pyramid bags.

The pizza dough, made by A Tavola Together, was easy enough to make by just adding water and olive oil. The instructions were a little wonky. On the front of the package, it says the dough needs to rest but it’s not mentioned anywhere on the back. There was only enough in the package for an 8″ pie pan, so instead I made some mini pizza cups using a muffin tin. It made 9 pizza cups and I used BBQ sauce in place of pasta sauce, pulled pork, and cheddar cheese.


I followed the cooking directions on the back of the package: 425F for 8 minutes with just the dough and toppings, and then another 4 minutes with the cheese on top. The dough itself was crispy on the bottom, but tasted kind of doughy and bland. It looks like the package size on their website is double the size of the sample I got in this box, and it retails for $6. I usually buy the Bob’s Red Mill Pizza Dough Mix at my local supermarket which retails for about $4 and makes two huge pizzas. I definitely prefer the Bob’s Red Mill version to the one I got in this box.

I’m excited to see what they send me next month, and I’m hoping the items are a little more exciting. If you’re interested in giving Taste Guru a try, they’re offering 20% off for new customers.

Do you get any monthly subscription boxes? What are your favorites?


I am not affiliated with Taste Guru, nor was I compensated for this post.  Good or bad, all opinions are my own.

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