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Pregnancy Update: Weeks 17-19

I guess this really isn’t an update, since it’s my first pregnancy post…but we’ll just call it an update because my baby brain can’t think of anything clever.  I’m a pretty avid exerciser and have continued to pick things up and put them down.   Mr. B and I built a gym in our basement and it has been a godsend.  I love being able to roll out of bed with my hair a mess, not brush my teeth, and get a workout in without having to wait for equipment or get lame pickup lines thrown at me by the wannabe meat heads doing curls in the squat rack.  I’ve kept my same routine, but I’ve been resting a little longer between sets and reducing the weight on squats and deadlifts.

My regular pants no longer fit, so I’ve been putting together some interesting outfit combinations with the shirts, cardigans, and dresses that still fit.  I bought a few maternity pants and they’re freaking awesome, although I feel like they’re still a little big for how little my stomach is.  I’m not really showing yet, but I feel huge.  I have to keep telling Mr. B to avert his eyes or he’ll go blind when I get dressed in the morning.  This whole new body image thing stinks, but I think I’ll feel better once it looks like I’m actually carrying a baby and not just bloated from a weekend long bender on donuts, cheesesteaks, and beer.

As far as food aversions, I still can’t bring myself to eat chicken.  I don’t really care for any kind of meat at this point and have been eating mostly vegetarian and fish based meals.  Sweets don’t really tempt me, but I love french fries and baked potatoes.  I could eat them all day long and be happy.  Not drinking is kind of a downer, but because I eat gluten free 98% of the time, I wasn’t drinking beer anyway.  Wine is another story.  I miss red wine badly.  Especially when we go out to eat.  Mr. B has been very supportive and has only been drinking Guinness.  It could have something to do with my threat that if he drinks any of our wines without me I’ll break his fingers.  I’m a peach, right?

I’ve been seriously jonesing to go on a trip, and have planned at least 3 trips that I know we won’t be taking until after the baby comes.  This makes me very, very sad, but I know that it’s for the best.  We recently bought the rockstar of minivans, so that’s where the money we usually use for trips is going.  Having Mr. B drive me around in ‘The Limo’ as we call it, is a pretty good substitute for having to drive.  I’ll be sharing some of my crazy trip planning here so at least someone can benefit from my travel overdrive brain.

Overall, my pregnancy has been pretty good.  We’ll find out in a week if it’s a boy or a girl.  I was thinking boy when I first got pregnant, but lately I’ve been having dreams about a baby girl.  We’re doing a reveal party with family and close friends, so I’m in the process of scouring Pinterest for cute ideas.

I hope everyone is enjoying this amazing fall weather!  Have a wonderful weekend!



Did you continue to workout during your pregnancy?

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